ProFusion Expo 2018

For 8 years now, ProFusion Expo as Canada’s Largest Professional Broadcast Video and Pro Photo Expo and main gathering place for Toronto’s, and Canada’s Photographers and videographers, professionals, and enthusiast respectively.

Except offering of high-level venue of gear and fresh product from dominate brands, ProFusion is, as they say; the offering of a goldmine of information that they were only too happy to unearth.

On five various stages during two days, visitors can learn new approaches, tactics, and experiences from the skillful professional photographer, videographer and presenters.  And Also be part of interesting photo workshops as well.

Already on the first day, we could learn how to use Youtube as a medium for your photographic promotion, how to properly use drones, why sensor size Matters, or hear impressions and experiences from photographer dedicated do specific fields like wildlife, extreme arctic panoramas or soul catching portraits etc…

Despite Sony discreet laughter we can see and try new Nikon and Canon Mirrorless cameras, and just take a look of new, still confidential Panasonic’s (finally) Full frame Mirrorless S1 /S1R.

Also, we were able to learn something of powerful possibilities in new DaVinci Resolve editing software or try to understand why is Wacom table sometimes better than a mouse, and then watch how to efficiently use led lights with photography or Capture motion and movement with a Flash. …

Off course, most of the exhibits were on sale as well, and visitors were able to buy most of the equipment with discounts of more than a third of prize.